Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Rose of Immortality.

A Rose as red,
As the Nightingale's blood,
The rose-tree sat on the flower bed,
High upon it was the Rose as red as crimson blood.

For years he watched it grow,
And for years she passed the garden's door.
How he watered it, she did not know,
With showers of Unrequited love, that did grow.

She'd lean in and talk,
Whilst holding other roses she'd gotten,
From along her wonted walk.
Yet, the scent of my Rose, had she not forgotten?

Time had set its seal on his brow,
He espied the distinct Rose she held tight, and he got to know,
Floodgates of sorrow, behold.
His Rose shall forever be immortal, in his fold.

~Sandro Sathyajith Perera 

All lyrics are copyright to Sandro Sathyajith Perera

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Love - light

I look into your dark beautiful eyes,
No one could explain the abyss that lies,
Oh! The thousand sorrows that you hide,
If i stand beside you, will you come into the light?

All the others showed me reason,

But you, you leave me speechless.
Let yourself out of your painful prison,
And let me show you life, little princess.

Ever since I was a child,

I've loved watching the starry nights, 
Maybe its the reason i love your eyes,
When you smile, shooting stars collide.

Your mind tells the story of hell,

But your eyes are gifts from God's castle,
You're caught up in the wrong side of war,
You're an Angel stuck at the Demon's door.

~Sandro Sathyajith Perera 

All lyrics are copyright to Sandro Sathyajith Perera

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Uranus wasn't meant to be so far,
Though beautiful it seems its not a star.
If you opened up to me, oh god.
We could've shown them who you really are.

Cold, lost and lonely,
Scared, all alone its crazy,
But if you follow the rain's symphony,
You'll find your way back to me.

Like Clark Kent saved Louis Lane,
Like Romeo loved Juliet.
I will save you in a heartbeat,
As long as i know your heart beats for me.

                                                    ~Sandro Sathyajith.

© All lyrics are Copyright to Sandro Sathyajith

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Love...A Blissful Curse

My heart is by your side,
And when your rose lips collide with mine,
I feel I don't deserve you as my bride.
But why does my heart tell me otherwise?

When my whole world crashed around me,
Your sweet angel-voice, oh! That melody,
replaced the burning void in me.
Then I saw the meaning of your intimacy.

Listen to the slow songs of love,
On this rainy magical Sunday night.
Would mistletoe and candle-light be alright?
Oh! Please stay with me, Love, until the end of time.

                                    ~Sandro Sathyajith Perera.

© All lyrics are Copyright to Sandro Sathyajith Perera

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Swirling Dewdrops Of Love

~Dedicated To A Very Special Person In My Life~

Romeo never saw Juliet at first,
They trusted their hearts,
And took that leap of trust,
And Soared away to the Stars.

After they took off,
The Masquerade Masks,
Then they sought,
Fantasies, at last.

She denied her Godly Beauty
Whilst he denied his Valiance,
And then begins the story,
Of Romeo and Juliet.

Thy Laugh Echoes in the Mountain Fields,
Thy Beauty is beyond God's, yet to reveal.
Thy Auburn Hair, is beyond compare.
Thy Voice of Velvet, Entwirls my Heart with Care.

Your Lips Will Hold Mine,
In Undying Sleep, We Shine,
This Love Of Yours and Mine,
Will Never End Until The Sun Ceases To Shine
~Sandro Sathyajith Perera

All Lyrics Copyright to Sandro Sathyajith Perera

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Love of Starlight

The whole world stops,
When I see you,
And girl, I feel bright,
With you in sight.

The sun never felt this warm,
Neither have the curtains of the nightfall,
Ever felt your warmth.

Your dewdrop-like eyes,
You seem like a goddess,
With wings that could fly,
But no! Don’t leave me here with nothingness,
Oh I want you to feel this bliss,
Of you and I,
Coming together forever and ever.

This never ending day,
Is yet to begin today,
With the words “I do” uttered,
Through both our lips,
Without mutter or stutter.

Oh! Your dewdrop-like eyes
They never cease to dazzle mine,
Until the day and time,
For you to be mine,
Forever and ever I’ll be your starlight.

                                                ~Sandro Sathyajith Perera

All Lyrics Copyright to Sandro Sathyajith Perera

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Death Until

Thy fear of death,
Is thy struggle for survival,
Take thy last breath.
For thou art not immortal.

Let the dark veil grasp,
Thy soul with pain.
Whilst you feel thy bones break,
An ocean full of needles stuck in every pace,
Thy skin feels heavy with pain at play.

The pain is as dying,
A hundred billion times,
For each second that thou have sinned,
The bleeding blood drenching thy eyes,
Now thou wish that thou had smiled.

Feel this coat of darkness,
As I touch you with it,
For I am what thou fear, nevertheless,
I am thy harbinger of Death.

                                        -Sandro Perera

All Lyrics are Copyright to Sandro Perera